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The need for better

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The need for better

Wisconsinite from Nigeria

Caster’s Recent Video

Phil Anderson on 3rd parties in elections

the chair of Wi. Libertarian Party

Durango McMurphy on Private Gov. Institutions

some parts of gov. are actually privately owned

Dave Schwab on Rank Choice voting

an explanation on Rank Choice voting

Gabe Taylor on the Policing of Madison

Gabe on Madison's law enforcement

tyler baggins

Tyler Baggins on politics and comedy

Mike Walton of the Madison Free Store

Madison Free Store donates to the homelesss

Madison's Jazz scene rebirth

Hanah Jon Taylor talks about Jazz in Madison

Larry Williams talks about Madison Music Scene

Larry talks about his music and Madison

Helping the homeless

what could be done to help

How a bill becomes a law

a brief basis for the process of a bill

Man From Chicago

Chicagoan shares his thoughts on Chicago

Terry talks about the "art"

anti homeless art at the top of state st

Artist Ben Pierce thoughts on anti-homeless art

anti-homeless art at the top of state st

is this art ?

Art or anti homelss art

Madison new Police station's large price tag

10 million dollars spent on a new police station

Education in America

Chris shares his views on the education system

what is the solidarity sing along ?

A protest group that is very partisan

Carlos of MOD Media

Carlos talks about the Madison Art Scene

Free Wheel

Free Wheel is a Madison non profit

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