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About NOOZ 

With NOOZ, you can...

Build the brand of "YOU".
Get paid.
Make a difference in your community.
Build your resume.
Have fun.
Own a business? Get more customers.

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What is NOOZ?

NOOZ is video.
NOOZ is a media platform.
NOOZ is local news stories and opinion.
NOOZ is local businesses.

NOOZ is a hyper-local, online, video-based news media platform. NOOZ is real people sharing stories and opinions on subjects that matter to them! Stories created by local, citizen journalists armed with a smart phone and a desire to share and to build their own brand. We call these citizen journalists - NOOZcasters. The channels that make up NOOZ are as diverse as the creators and the wide range of topics of interest!

NOOZcaster creates the content that is viewable on NOOZ.Each NOOZcaster gets his or her own channel ( for sharing their news (information, stories and opinion).

To be a NOOZcaster, you simply have to sign up! Be sure to provide a personal snap shot or selfie and include an email, cell phone number and an address.

Why so much information?

Because in addition to becoming a NOOZcaster with a personal place to post your news stories, your channel will be branded for you:

  • You will have a real way to earn real money - easily.
  • NOOZ will keep you in the loop of what’s happening locally and with NOOZ.
  • NOOZ would like to provide assignment opportunities to you.
Become a NOOZCaster

Remember, NOOZ content is local… hyper-local in focus. It promotes local NOOZcasters and their stories within their community. Based on friend-to-friend sharing, word-of-mouth promotion, and NOOZ promoting the stories - the sponsoring ads that follow each NOOZ story gain the greatest exposure to the audience that means the MOST to those local businesses.

NOOZvertiser is a local business that pays $100 per month to sponsor a local NOOZcaster; $300 to sponsor 3 NOOZcasters; $500 to sponsor 5 NOOZcasters, and so on. Think about the effectiveness of having 3 or 5 people telling their friends to patronize a particular business…and their posting content to their own channels 3 times per week (with the post-roll ad of the NOOZvertiser)…and then sharing those posts to Facebook and Instagram and all their social media channels…and having NOOZ boost the posts all around town…it’s powerful!

NOOZvertisers also get their own Neighborhood page – an SEO page with NOOZcaster endorsement videos, Google Map, photos of the business, and comment recommendations that are 100% positive…out yelping Yelp.

NOOZvertisers can update specials and coupons, too. And “below the fold” is a Meet Your Neighbors section with links to all the non-competing NOOZvertisers in the area.

It’s all about the Neighborhood…with Neighbors helping Neighbors!

  • Your ad sponsors local NOOZcasters.
  • 15-second ad per NOOZcaster sponsored gains a hyper-local boost for greater exposure where it count most!
  • Each NOOZcaster produces up to 3 stories a week - giving your ad more opportunities to be seen.
  • Your own Neighborhood page.
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